Workout of the Day and Specialty Class Programming

Friday, August 16, 2019

AMRAP in 4:

8 Power Clean 135/95lbs

8 Bar Over Burpees

3:00 Rest

AMRAP in 4:

8 Front Squat 135/95lbs

8 Pull Ups


Deadlift 5x5

E2MOM for 10: 4-6 Strict Pull Ups (Increase by 1 rep from last week or an amount you can do UNBROKEN consistently for all 5 sets)

5 Rounds: 15/12 Cal Row, 1:00 Rest


Core Work +

W/ a Partner, AMRAP in 12:

Athlete 1 Indoor sled push length of gym while Athlete 2 is doing calories on the AD.

When sled push is finished, both athletes do 5 burpees and switch.

*Score is cal on AD.