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WOD Workout of the Day

These classes are designated to do the daily workout.  Workouts can range anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.  Each class starts promptly at the times specified above.  There is a group warm-up along with skills work.  After the workout, athletes are encouraged to stay, stretch, mobilize and cheer each other on.

Olympic Olympic Lifting Classes

These classes are dedicated to the explosive lifts: Snatch and Clean & Jerk.  Each class is focused on technique and consistency.  The skills, drills and movements learned are designed to develop proficiency and confidence under a barbell.  All abilities and strength levels are encouraged to attend.

Power Hour Power Lifting / Strength Classes

These classes are dedicated to strength, speed and power.  The purpose of this class is to lift heavy things and become proficient with odd objects.  We will utilize sleds, chains, bands, fat bars and farmers handles.  This class will be used in addition to the daily WOD, not in conjunction to it.  All ability and strength levels are encouraged to attend.

Endurance Endurance Workout / Training

These classes are dedicated to teach the proper mechanics of running and rowing.  We work on techniques and skills before a workout that is specifically designed for conditioning.  Ideally, the Endurance WODs are completed 3+ hours before or after the daily CrossFit WOD.  All ability levels are encouraged to attend.

Barbell Endurance Olympic Lifting with an Endurance Twist

This class is designed to work a lot of barbell complexes and rounds not for time.  We focus on one lift each class, Snatch or Clean & Jerk.  If you want to develop speed and confidence under load, this is the class for you.  This class is for the intermediate to advanced lifter.


This class is for all level of athletes.  It was added to our regular program to improve flexibility, range of motion and balance.  It is a flow style yoga designed to keep you moving and stretched out.  Please remember that this class is an additional charge to your monthly membership or $15 per class.

Core Endurance – Cardio Core Classes

These classes are replacing the normal CrossFit WOD on Mondays and Fridays at 9:30AM.  They are designed to help strengthen the core muscles and work on correcting imbalances.  We will develop strength and conditioning without the use of the technical barbell lifts.  This is a perfect class for those looking to increase overall endurance and stamina, as well as get stronger.

Open Gym

For current Method members only.  No Drop Ins.

Intro Introductory / Skills Classes

These classes are scheduled individually for new members to learn the movements and techniques to be successful at CrossFit. Classes last an hour.  Each class starts with a warm up and review of the previous day.  This is a class for all members, new and current, to practice, review and work on skills and movements. These are scheduled throughout the day and may hold anywhere between 1-3 new members and a coach.